Safety Rules to Follow in the Foundation

  • Sign a WMF risk/release waiver annually.
  • Carry a cell phone.
  • Be aware of the 911 location markers at each major fire lane intersection in order to describe your location - should you need to do so to EMS or other emergency personnel.
  • Wear safety clothing appropriate for weather and activity. Protective headgear is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


Rules for Foundation Use

  • The Foundation is open from Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Firearms, alcoholic beverages, taking of plants, picnicking, camping, swimming, boating, fishing and littering are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized motorized vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and drones are prohibited with the exception of horse-drawn carriages.
  • Dogs are prohibited.
  • Trespassing on adjacent property is prohibited.
  • Accidental fire is the greatest enemy of the forest. Smoking and open fires within the Foundation are strictly prohibited.
  • Report maintenance issues and concerns to the Foundation office, 910-695-7811.



The Walthour Moss Foundation
PO Box 1794
Southern Pines, NC 28388

Landon Russell, Executive Director
Phone:  910.695.7811
Send an E-Mail


The Walthour-Moss Foundation is open Sunrise to Sunset, everyday.

The Walthour-Moss Foundation Office hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm


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