Safety Rules to Follow in the Foundation

  • Sign a WMF risk/release waiver annually.
  • Carry a cell phone.
  • Be aware of the 911 location markers at each major fire lane intersection in order to describe your location - should you need to do so to EMS or other emergency personnel.
  • Wear safety clothing appropriate for weather and activity. Protective headgear is strongly recommended.


Walthour-Moss Foundation Land Use Policies

The Walthour-Moss Foundation (WMF) is open daily year-round from dawn to dusk.

  • No unauthorized Vehicles (See note A)
  • No smoking or fires of any kind (See note B)
  • No dogs allowed (See note C)
  • No alcohol or picnicking (See note D)
  • No firearms (See note E)
  • No fishing, boating, or Swimming (See note F)
  • No littering: Pack it in, Pack it out
  • No trailer cleaning or manure dumping in parking area (See note G)


  1. Exception for WMF authorized vehicles being used for Official WMF Business.
  2. Exception for WMF contracted prescribed burns conducted by a duly licensed contractor.
  3. As a place for equestrian purposes, WMF prioritizes safety, and dogs can create potentially dangerous situations for horses, riders, carriage drivers, and people on foot.  Therefore, no dogs are allowed.  (Exception for foxhounds owned by a Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America member hunt that are participating in or training for hunting events under the direct control of a qualified huntsman and staff).
  4. No alcohol or picnicking allowed (Exception for WMF approved special events).
  5. No firearms allowed. (Exception for WMF contracted security and other authorized personnel).
  6. No water activities of any kind allowed.  (Exception for WMF management of water resources).
  7. No manure dumping or spreading on WMF Property.

 Thank you for your support and adherence to these use policies.


The Walthour Moss Foundation
PO Box 1794
Southern Pines, NC 28388

Landon Russell, Executive Director
Phone:  910.695.7811
Send an E-Mail


The Walthour-Moss Foundation is open Sunrise to Sunset, everyday.

The Walthour-Moss Foundation Office hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm


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