WMF Trails Notice 2021

The trails of The Walthour-Moss Foundation are open and will remain open from sunup to sundown each day.   As we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic, we respectfully request that you please enjoy the peace, beauty, wonder, and solitude that nature can offer.  Our longleaf pine forest has many miles of quiet trails and sandy lanes for walkers, hikers and equestrians of every discipline.  
If you would like to share the sights from your hike or ride, please post a picture to our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram @walthourmoss, or use #walthourmoss.  We are all in this together.
If you enjoy your time in The Walthour-Moss Foundation, please consider making a contribution to help preserve and maintain the land:  https://walthour-moss.org/help/make-a-contribution
NOTE: The trails will be closed for our WMF Bushwhacker Volunteers trail clearing team to work in the fall of 2021 from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm on September 11, September 18 and October 9.


The Walthour Moss Foundation
PO Box 1794
Southern Pines, NC 28388

Landon Russell, Executive Director
Phone:  910.695.7811
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The Walthour-Moss Foundation is open Sunrise to Sunset, everyday.

The Walthour-Moss Foundation Office hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm


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